E2POTElectrically-Erasable Potentiometer (also seen as EEPOT)
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This enabled us to introduce in 1996 new products that expand our SerialFlash(TM), E2POT and SerialE2PROM product lines.
NASDAQ:XICO) today announced the availability of a new, very low power, linear taper E2POT (Digitally Controlled Potentiometer) designed to replace mechanical potentiometers in battery-powered systems such as cellular phones, PDAs, laptops, radios, intercoms and other electronic control systems.
Designated the X9316, this new E2POT incorporates an advanced architecture which features lower noise and reduces the required standby power by an order of magnitude over previously available E2POTs.
The extremely low standby power consumption of this new device resolves along standing power consumption trade-off between traditional mechanical potentiometers and the Xicor pioneered E2POT technology," said Bruce Mattern, Xicor's Vice President, Sales and Marketing, "Xicor's new E2POT is an ideal replacement for mechanical potentiometers in battery powered systems.