E2PROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
E2PROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Rom
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Obviously, the more memory a chipcard has the more expensive it is, but a great deal of functionality can often be contained in a small segment of memory and cards containing perhaps 2kb of E2PROM could be capable of activities like electronic purse or handling loyalty points for a minimum additional cost.
Utilizing such characteristics of FRAM, functions which could not be achieved using other memories such as SRAM, E2PROM, and flash memory, can be achieved with FRAM.
We will also continue to support our parallel E2PROM business as this segment of the memory business generates higher gross margins.
based market research firm, Dataquest/GartnerGroup, the Serial E2PROM market was approximately $1 billion in 1999 and is growing by 10 percent each year.
In September, we further introduced FlashBank product, a new family of low-voltage, application specific memory devices that integrate Flash and E2PROM memory functions onto a single chip.
The HVMOS model, developed in partnership with Sony (Japan) and Cadence Design Systems (NY:CDN), offers better accuracy to model high-voltage devices such as Flash memory with asymmetric LDD structures and LCD drivers, CCD, E2PROM and LDMOS.
Developers can generate their applications and securely load them directly into the E2PROM on the smart card.
The MPC555 processor boasts 448 Kbytes of flash memory and a four-bank memory controller that works with SRAM, EPROM, flash, E2PROM and a memory-protection unit.
Acronyms that are also used for the products mentioned above include E2PROMs, E2PROM, eeprom, eePROM electrically erasable PROM, electrically erasable programmable ROM, E2POT(R) digitally controlled potentiometers, E2POT, Nonvolatile RAM, NOVRAMs, NVRAMs.
Acronyms that are also used for the products mentioned above include E2PROMs, E2PROM, eeprom, eePROM electrically eraseable PROM, electrically erasable programmable ROM, E2POT digitally controlled potentiometers, E2POT (R), Nonvolatile RAM, NOVRAMs, NVRAMs.
Seiko Instruments' IC products include: switching regulators, voltage detectors, mini logic ASSPs, low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, timer ASSPs, sensors and low-voltage E2PROMs.