E2SEntitled to Succeed (Department of Education program; UK)
E2SEnd-to-end Security
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The explosion/flameproof STEx family encompasses audible, visual and combined warning devices and manual call points, all employing 316L stainless steel enclosures, E2S said in a statement.
In addition to the operating costs savings, the E2s have the same type rating as the E1s, significantly lowering fleet transition and pilot training costs.
The ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2D family constitutes three members, including UBE2D1, UBE2D2, and UBE2D3, which all belong to the E2s. These family members share over 88% sequence identity and thus have similar enzymic activity [5, 6].
The values obtained by descriptors as MATS8s and E2s, which are associated with the intrinsic state, also present important influence on the QSAR model.
Among the items featured at the show for company officials to provide information on will be two new ovens: Convotherm 4 combi oven and Merrychef eikon e2s high speed oven.
The parameters E2S D and E2DD displayed in Table 1 are used in the computer code NPBEM [19] for calculating the electromagnetic transition rates and the calculated values are normalized to B([2.sup.+.sub.1] [right arrow] [0.sup.+.sub.1]).
This work proposes an extensible software synthesis (E2S) approach to solve extensible problems of developing embedded ubiquitous learning system (EULS).
"Excellent!" PetroSkills quipped while European Safety (E2S) said Meos was "A well planned and organised event."
To meet the growing demand in the oil & gas industry, E2S Warning Signals, the leading independent audible and visible warning device manufacturer, has recently added additional fault monitoring to give SIL 2 compatibility to its products.