E2SEntitled to Succeed (Department of Education program; UK)
E2SEnd-to-end Security
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The new SIL 2 technology in the E2S horns means that the functionality can be remotely checked and an alert sent to the control panel in case of any fault.
The new 384 page catalogue presents the extensive portfolio of signalling products available from E2S.
The acquired values of the levels of serum epinephrin of all groups: (n:10) Epinefrin OD ES (ng/ml) Gruplar Mean [+ or -] SD Mean [+ or -] SD S 2,33 [+ or -] 0,03 b 5,22 [+ or -] 0,36 a E 2,25 [+ or -] 0,14 b 5,03 [+ or -] 0,43 a Epinefrin E2S E24S (ng/ml) Gruplar Mean [+ or -] SD Mean [+ or -] SD S 5,05 [+ or -] 0,46 a 2,36 [+ or -] 0,21 b E 4,92 [+ or -] 0,26 a 2,36 [+ or -] 0,31 b abcd: In the same line, the differences between avarage values are (p<0.
Recently, QuEST was awarded the EADS E2S preferred supplier status for engineering services.
E2S, one of the world's leading independent signalling manufacturer has announced that E2S Warning Signals has gained VdS approval and CPR compliance to directive 305/2011/EU for its AlertAlarm D112 alarm horn sounder by testing to EN54-3.
E2S has extended its Atex-approved BEx explosion proof range of sounders with the introduction of the Belltronic, which faithfully replicates the sound of the traditional electromechanical bell.
The parameters E2S D and E2DD displayed in Table 1 are used in the computer code NPBEM [18] for calculating the electromagnetic transition rates after normalized to the available experimental values.
E2S, the European manufacturer of audible and visual warning devices, has announced the latest version of its well-established L101 family of physically compact 86 x 86mm beacons, the L101H.
E2S has introduced new versions of its all-digital Appello combined voice signalling and tone sounders that allow four different 30 second long voice, music or sound messages to be recorded and replayed at CD quality, improving clarity and intelligibility.
The Edward Street house that is packed with technology to assist the disabled; The i-House is aimed at helping elderly and disabled homeowners maximise energy efficiency and navigate their homes Right: Tony Davis, chief executive Medilink West Midlands; Ian Gray, Technology Strategy Board, and Richard Baines, director of Sustainable Development E2S
E2S (European Safety Systems) (Pfannenberg) (United Kingdom)
FOR use in harsh environments where high temperatures, shock and vibration or high UV levels are anticipated, E2S has introduced the new D range of alarm sounders and combined sounder/beacon warning signals.