E2WEvery Two Weeks (medication)
E2WEducation to Workforce (Midwestern Education to Workforce Policy Initiative)
E2WEnhanced Early Warning
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E2Ws usage: The average trial period for riders using the E2W is 10.
Rider feedback on state E2W use: riders pointed out several problems when they use the E2W and BSSs, including BSSs user interface design 1139 times, BSSs inadequate 1094 times, E2W breakdown 670 times, BSSs breakdown 501 times and battery quality 132 times.
2,373 riders tested E2W and completed surveys, 1,274 (53.
E2W sales volumes: 24 unit E2W requiring charging batteries at BSSs and 79 unit plug-in E2W have been sold.
The formula of estimated pollutants reductions is {[(pollutant emission from scooter x the proportion of riding E2W alternative to scooter) + (pollutant emission from car x the proportion of riding E2W alternative to car) x 405 days x commute distance (km/day) / 1,000] x proportion of E2W use}.
The battery swap model of this project bundle E2W products and BSSs service around a solution.
1 battery swapping system operator, 9 E2W manufacturers, 2 battery manufacturers and 10 retailers involved to this project.
2% Riders rode E2W alternative to scooter, 23% riders were alternative to bike, 4.
However, the sales volume of E2W using 48V/10Ah lithium battery was poor.
The riders are not willing to buy the E2W that may only recharge battery at BSSs.
Leasing service is to provide more E2Ws by government to people to lease E2W with reasonable price.
This project brings promotions, E2W industrial development and environmental benefits.