E3GEstrone-3-Glucuronide (immunometrics kit)
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Japan is isolated as the worst performer," Chris Lillecott of E3G told a news conference during negotiations between almost 200 nations in Bonn, Germany, on a UN climate agreement due at a summit in Paris in December.
E3G has calculated that at just below PS100 a unit EDF would receive PS50bn in support from the Government over four decades for Hinkley.
If Japan moves closer to the Bush approach based on voluntary actions in the next months, it could seriously set the world back,'' said Jennifer Morgan, director for Climate and Energy Security at Third Generation Environmentalism Ltd, or E3G, a London-based nonprofit organization.
The European Union's efforts to decarbonise' the energy sector would benefit from a real boost if limiting values for CO2 emissions were imposed for the largest power plants, believes the ecological organisations E3G, Green Alliance, Bellona Europa, ClientEarth and WWF.
Ltd - Deep Sea Seals Ltd - DRC Polymer Products Ltd - Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Ltd - Dunlop GRG Holdings Ltd - Dunlop Latex Foam Ltd - Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd - Dunlop Tyres Ltd - E3G Ltd - Ecolab (U.
E3G focuses on accelerating the transition to sustainable development, building cross-sector coalitions to achieve carefully defined outcomes chosen for their capacity to leverage change.
Mrs Wallstrom to take part in launch of "Europe in the world" project by E3G and the European Foundation Centre
This contract, combined with recent awards for the GeoProbe system from the incumbent carrier Telenor of Norway and competitive carriers E3G of Portugal and Multilink of Switzerland, solidifies Inet's market leadership position.
Citibank, E3G, Mannesmann Arcor, Motorola, Prudential Insurance, Redback Networks, Renaissance Worldwide, Telenordia, Virginia Community College System, Warburg Dillon Reed and others.
Through support for x86 processors -- including the Intel(R) E3G, Intel 486SX SF, and the AMD Elan(TM) -- as well as its integrated PC Card support, the MobilePRO suite provides manufacturers with an important low-level system software solution for the industry's leading embedded operating systems.
Others: Sintef (NO), ECN (NL), Technofi (FR), RSE (IT) DENA (DE), ENTSO-E (BE), Brunel (UK), Comillas (ES), IST (PT), Leuven (BE), Ensiel (IT), Tu Berlin (DE), IPE (PL), Eurelectric (BE), Europacable (BE), EWEA (BE), T&D Europe (BE), Poyry (IK), E3G (BE)