E3VEndoscopic III Ventriculostomy (neurosurgery procedure)
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(1) The Insatiate Countesse (London, 1613; STC: 17476), G2v, E3v, F2r, E3r.
(48.) For other examples of music or sounds before or during dumb shows see Doctor Faustus (1616), E4r; Old Fortunatus, C3r; Warning for Fair Women, Dir, E3v; Antonio's Revenge, C3r, E3r; Devil's Charter, Elr; Two Maids of More-Clacke, Alv; Birth of Merlin, C3r, G4r; Woman is a Weathercock, H3v; Noble Spanish Soldier, Blr, H2r; City Wit, F3v; Queen's Exchange, D4v; Messalina, Flv; Antipodes, I3v, L3v.
(50.) See A Warning for Fair Women for examples of several different shows with the chorus figure apparently speaking before, after, and possibly during the mimed action depending on the show (D1r-v, E3v, G2v-G3r).
(52.) For a selection of other shows with a Chorus figure see Downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntington, A2r-A3r; Death of Robert, Earl of Huntington, D3r-v; Thracian Wonder, B4v; Travels of Three English Brothers, Dlr-v, H4r-v; Birth of Merlin, G4r; Golden Age, C4r, E3v, G3r, I3v, K2v; Valiant Welshman, C4r-v; Prophetess, 4E3v; 2 Fair Maid of the West, G4r.
E3v contains an exchange between Hamlet ('And doe you heare firs'?) and Gilderstone ('Our loue and duetie is at your commaund').
(17) Here the term "end" is used to refer to a flanking door, as is made clear in another stage direction that occurs later in the same play: "enters Lust bringing forth Browne and Roger, at one ende mistres Sanders and mistres Drury at the other" (E3v).
(53) Singing is also a much-utilized trademark for idiosyncratic individuals, such as the 'deboised' prisoner Brainsick in The Soddered Citizen (c 1629) (54) who is described as a persistently-drunk moron who 'doth nothinge but singe, & drincke, & drincke & singe, / And singe & drincke' (1.1, p.5), and the Welshman Randall from William Rowley's A Match at Midnight (c 1622) (55) who is 'the witty man, the pretty man, the singing man, he has the dantiest dittie, so full of pith, so full of spirit' (E3v).
B., E3v: "Beseeching God as dutie is, our gracious Queene to save, / The Nobles, and the commons eke, with prosperous life I crave"; Common Conditions, G4v: "As duety bindes for our dread Queene Elizabeth let us pray ...
Towards the end of the scene, however, when a knocking is heard and Peto enters with news, his entry door appears to represent the entrance door of the tavern: "Peyto knockes at doore" (E3v; 2.4.351).
his inside" (CHARS FRANK 1) "the inside" (CHARS PIR 23) 117 "let me alone" (E2, E3v) "let me alone" (DM 5.2.68; A & V 5.1.6) 118 "to determine of" (E2) "to determine of" (DM 3.4.31) 119 "my preferment" (E2) "my preferment" (WD 1.2.322) "mine owne preferment" (WD 3.1.37) 120 "in a word" (E2v) "in a word" (DLC 1.2.261, 4.2.196) 121 "deliver my mind" (E2v) "delivers his mind" (CHARS JUDG 18) 122 "come to that upshot" (E2v) "brought / To an upshot" (DLC 1.2.156-57) "brought ...
Selected Words Shared by A Speedy Post and Webster Word A Speedy Post Webster Comments a making (and "a wooll- "a-barking" (WD SP forms other participles gathering" 5.3.96) participles in prefixed by a-) (Bv) "a-begging" (DLC this way 3 "a making" 4.2.312) times, Webster (E3v) "a-bleeding" (A & V 14 times.