E4BElectricity 4 Business (UK)
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Two precursors of diazide monomers (di-(bromoacetic acid)-tetramethylene diester (labeled as E4B) and di-(bromoacetic acid)-hexamethylene diester (labeled as E6B)) were synthesized according to the scheme depicted in Figure 2,A.
The PE PE8E4 based on the monomers E8A and E4B was selected as an object for a systematic study for optimizing the CuAAC click SGP since the mentioned monomers were obtained in the highest yields (see Tables 1 and 2).
Tem alguma ajuda, algumas coisas para os jovens, mas a gente nao precisa so disso, precisa de muito mais (E4B).
The collapse caused Ofgem to launch a supplier of last resort process for E4B's customers.
All 3,352 E4B customers in the region were placed on emergency rates at British Gas Business by Ofgem when the energy supplier went into administration.
Fraction E4b inhibited IQ-induced mutations by 50% without cytotoxic effect, while fractions E4d and E4e were cytotoxic (Table 2).
E4B Sales and Marketing director Graham Paul said, "This is great news for British businesses.
E4B provides an alternative to the big six UK suppliers by offering cheaper electricity for businesses spending less than 100,000 [pounds sterling] per annum on their supply.
Make it Cheaper said the rates at British Gas that the former E4B customers had been put on could be up to three times higher than the cheapest rates.
They advised all former E4B customers to take a meter reading, cancel direct debit payments and find out what the cheapest options were for the future.