E4CEngineering for Change
E4CEducation for Conservation
E4CEngage for Change (approach to improving business; BTS Group; Stokholm, Sweden)
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Prodan is also program manager for E4C, which manages the McCauley Apartments, which offers affordable housing in the inner city.
In the summer and fall of 2008, the authors led two ninety-minute IL training sessions for E4C faculty.
This session presented an abbreviated version of the "Introduction to IL" session that SOM first-year students would receive in the following weeks; more importantly, the session introduced E4C faculty to the upcoming in-class IL exercise that students were to complete as part of the "Introduction to IL" class.
E4C is proud of the work we do with our city s most vulnerable youth.
E4C is an international effort to build a community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, non-governmental organizations, and local community advocates working to improve the quality of life through the developing world.
Under the terms of the agreement with the 140,000-member civil engineering association, ASCE will assist in creating awareness and interest in E4C within the scope of its publications and explore opportunities with respect to programs and activities that further develop relevant content and community building on the E4C website.
E4C is an initiative of ASME and two founding partners, IEEE and Engineers Without Borders-USA, whose volunteer engineers build development projects in underserved communities around the world.
It is now looking for engineers through E4C to help it design a solar cooker that stores midday heat so villagers can cook in the evening.
The notion behind E4C is that enhancing local living conditions--through such steps as improving the infrastructure, accessing clean water, bettering sanitary conditions, and moving to eliminate "energy poverty"--empowers residents of the developing world to wield more control over their lives.
The significant support for E4C from ASME's partners, Engineers Without Borders and IEEE, is indicative of the very nature of the initiative.
Noha El-Ghobashy, director of technical programming and development at ASME and the lead for the initiative, said that E4C uses open-source technology to provide a medium, a Web site, for NGOs and local organizations to find answers to specific local problems worldwide.
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