E520Extinction at 520 nm
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The E520 units were supplied by Al Shirawi Enterprises (ASE), Tana's official distributor in the UAE.
In contrast to conventional landfill compactors, the Tana E520 features a twin-drum design.
In order to maximise the lifespan of the dumping area, equipment such as the Tana E520 landfill compactors will be vital.
The E520 landfill compactors seem to be easier to operate than some of our other equipment," said Saifaie.
Tana E520 landfill compactors are far more efficient than bulldozers because they have been designed specifically for the purpose of compaction," he concluded.
In terms of maintenance, Tana's ProTrack system will help ASE experts and Municipality officials keep track of the working condition of the E520s.
The ThinkPad Edge E420 and E520 will be available beginning in April with models starting from approximately $599.
In order to maximise its lifespan, equipment such as the Tana E520 landfill compactors will be vital.
The Dimension E520, E521 and C521 desktops provide a number of performance features, multimedia options and designs, many driven by direct customer feedback.
Additional Dimension E520 and E521 features include:
Slim yet expandable design, about half the size of the Dimension E520 and E521
The new Dimension E520, Dimension E521 and Dimension C521 are available worldwide starting tomorrow with one-year limited warranty(b) and service support, priced at $719, $329 and $359 respectively.