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E85Ethanol vehicle fuel (85% denatured ethanol, 15% gasoline)
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E85 and gasoline fuel samples were obtained over the winter season from a commercial facility in Ottawa and a fleet refueling facility in the Montreal geographic region (2013/2014).
and Kumar, G., "Initial Development of a E85 Fueled, Multi Cylinder, Turbocharged, Spark Ignited, Heavy Duty Engine," SAE Int.
In preparing their report, FI researchers evaluated the performance of more than 300 stores which sell E85, also known as flex fuel, and developed forecasts taking into account a variety of factors that could ultimately affect sales.
Thus far along the entire corridor, E85 has been installed at 26 fuel stations, and B20 has been installed at 9.
In Massachusetts, the promotion of E85 meets the states GreenDOT policy initiative of June 2010, which aims to incorporate sustainability into all Massachusetts Department of Transportation activities to reach greenhouse gas reduction targets mandated by the state's Global Warming Solutions Act.
DLA, owner of the E85 fuel, then bills the applicable military service unit for the fuel sales.
The resulting Biofuels Interagency Working Group is developing a plan to increase flex fuel vehicle use by making E85 and other biofuels more available.
Today, the San Diego-based convenience store operator is offering E85 and biodiesel at his single location and selling E85 through locations operated by other retailers throughout the state.
"What we found is that at the warmer temperatures, with E85, there is a slight increase in ozone compared to what gasoline would produce," said Diana Ginnebaugh, a doctoral candidate in civil and environmental engineering, who worked on the study.
E85 is an official Clean Air Choice of the American Lung Association in the Upper Midwest due to its proven role in reducing harmful emissions.
"This venture will provide the Navy the needed access to E85 for their flex-fuel vehicles.