EA-DFBElectro-Absorption Modulator Integrated Distributed Feedback Laser
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The low power consumption of this transceiver was achieved by using a high temperature operation EA-DFB laser based on Opnext and Hitachi's advanced technologies of using semiconductor material with a temperature-tolerant band-gap structure.
The uncooled EA-DFB is suitable for either SFP+ ER or XFP-IR2 applications.
The uncooled EA-DFB has been developed in cooperation with Hitachi's Central Research Laboratory.
Opnext plans to feature a demonstration of its new SFP+ER module with uncooled EA-DFB during ECOC 2008 in Brussels, Belgium, September 22-24.
Hitachi and Opnext have demonstrated EA-DFB lasers operating at 25Gbit/s with wavelengths of 1290-, 1310-, 1330- and 1350-nm.
These EA-DFB (electro-absorption modulator with integrated distributed feedback laser) lasers demonstrate the technical feasibility of the CWDM grid which achieves low cost 100Gbit/s optical transceiver modules with low power consumption and compact size which is expected to accelerate the adoption of 100Gbit/s interfaces in the network.
Uncooled 1550nm EA-DFB: Our latest 10Gbps laser innovation the uncooled 1550nm EA-DFB is designed for extended reach applications and achieves lower power dissipation than conventional semi or cooled EA-DFB solutions.
Extending Opnext's existing high temperature portfolio is the -40xC to 85xC wide temperature extended reach TRF7053 1550nm EA-DFB transceiver.