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EA1Episodic Ataxia Type 1 (neurological disorder)
EA1Extractable Antigen 1 (protein)
EA1Engineering Aide First Class (Naval Rating)
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The occupancy rate of the Group's eight EA1 care and attention homes remains robust, averaging at approximately 94.8% for the six-month period ended 30 September 2018, compared to approximately 92.4% for the same period last year.
The methods applied to the EA1 group were identical to those applied to the sham group, but the needles were inserted into the muscle layer at both the ST36 and ST37 acupoints.
But it is yet to receive any guarantees of support and with further contract announcements on EA1 imminent, OGN is worried that the Smulders' lifeline might collapse.
* The fact that we needed more supply air points worked out well because two of our exhaust points, EA1 and EA2 in Figure 4, could not be made to work due to architectural constraints.
During the second stage of my inquiry, I gathered data from student evaluations for the second large-scale, compressed timeline online class and compared these student evaluations to those for EA1 to determine if the changes improved student course satisfaction.
Toxicity of these extracts, fractions EA1, EA2, EA3 of EA along with a pure compound 1 against two species of mosquitoes was recorded.
(4.) Asmis to Savage, 15 Oct 1936, clipping Dominion, 27 Oct 1936, EA1, 61/350/3, ANZ.
aerogenes, 4,4 ppm, TABLA III, lo que revela diferencias por efecto de interacciones entre especies distintas que condujo a la disminucion evidente de la produccion de acetaldehido por parte de las enterobacterias Ea1 y Ea2.
Cited as principal sources for the new edition are the autograph full orchestral score, held in the Bibliotheque nationale de France (A2), the second edition of 1909 (E2), and the two annotated first editions (EA1 and EA2).
Total's interest will therefore remain at 33.3% on blocks EA1, EA2 and EA3 prior to the 15% national company back-in, Total being operator of the block EA1 which contains the largest part of the reserves.
After experiencing a slight drop in occupancy rate due to the renovation and EA1 upgrades of the care and attention homes in the first half of FY2018, the Group's occupancy rate has been restored to its usual high levels, averaging at approximately 93.2% for FY2018 (FY2017: approximately 92.7%).
The net proceeds from the Offering will be mainly used for the advancement of sales, marketing and commercialization of Soil Activator and the dust control product EA1 (the Corporation's marquis products), research and development, including expanding the scope of use of EA1, to develop new markets for this innovative technology in addition to increasing its use in the mining sector.