EAACEmergency Access Advisory Committee (US FCC)
EAACExcitatory Amino Acid Carrier
EAACEast Asian Actuarial Conference (est. 1981)
EAACEuropean Aviation Air Charter (airline; Bournemouth, England, UK)
EAACEdinburgh Aerial & Acrobatic Convention (UK)
EAACEuropean American Aviation Corporation (est. 1989)
EAACEastern Arkansas Area Council (est. 1935; Boy Scouts of America)
EAACEuropean American Angel Club (investors)
EAACExperimental Aircraft Association of Canada
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In fact, the recent EAAC to the CARB on the implementation of AB32, recommended against any such rate increase related to allowance opportunity cost.
EAIG consists of Eastern Alliance Insurance Company (EAIC), Allied Eastern Indemnity Company (AEIC) and EAAC, and all operate under an intercompany pooling agreement with EAAC recently becoming a member of EAIG.
Given the historical profitability and financial flexibility of Eastern Re Ltd SPC in terms of dividend capacity, debt servicing is not expected to be funded via dividends from EAIC, AEIC or EAAC.