EAAMEuropean Association for Aquatic Mammals
EAAMExploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica (course; various schools)
EAAMEuropean Alliance Against Malaria (Belgium)
EAAMEffective Atmospheric Angular Momentum (meteorology)
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30} (sempre com um destes ativos sendo o BOVA11) para a funcao de perda DPEA e, a seguir, repetimos tudo com a outra funcao de perda, EAAM.
The presentation was well received, and EAAM conducted a pilot of ST Math with Levels 1-6, the equivalent of K2 classes (each year represents two levels).
The data EAAM collects from programs like ST Math help to determine which groups the teacher works with, and which students work independently or in pairs.
According to the findings of the EAAM, the overall Hmong acculturation processes ranked from highest in integration (M = 5.
2) A revision of the EAAM specifically designed to match with the characteristics of the Hmong language and culture would be very useful to help to understand what specifically could help or prevent Hmong in each generation to become integrated in American society.