EAAPEuropean Association for Animal Production
EAAPEducation Audit Appeals Panel (California)
EAAPEnergy Adequacy Assessment Projection (Australia)
EAAPEuropean Association for Aviation Psychology
EAAPEstate Agents' Association of Pune (India)
EAAPEnte Autonomo Acquedotto Pugliese (Italian: Self-Contained Apulian Aqueduct; Bari, Italy)
EAAPEuropean Alcohol Action Plan (est. 1992; World Health Organization)
EAAPEconomically Active Agricultural Population (statistic)
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El modelo EAAP de Estilos de Aprendizaje y Actividades Polifasicas nos ofrece una variedad de enfoques a la hora de disenar recursos digitales en funcion de las distintas tipologias de actividades seleccionadas: Monofasicas (1 estilo), Bifasicas (2 estilos), Trifasicas (3 estilos) y Eclecticas (4 estilos) (Cacheiro & Lago, 2010) (Figura 6).
Keber was interested in hearing what the national leader of the EAAP, Dr.
Getachew G, Makkar HPS and K Becker Stoichiometric relationship between short chain fatty acid and in vitro gas production in presence and absence of polyethylene glycol for tannin containing browses, EAAP Satellite Symposium, Gas production: fermentation kinetics for feed evaluation and to assess microbial activity, 1999; 18-19 August, Wageningen, The Netherlands.
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition: 5th EAAP International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition
Proceedings of the Joint Session of the EAAP Commissions on Pig Production, Animal Genetics and Animal Nutrition, Zurich, Switzerland, August 25, 1999.
Commissioned as a study by the Beef Task Force, as well as the Cattle Networking Group of EAAP, this book provides new strategies for the sustainability of beef farms in the future in terms of land use, market requirements and social concerns.
Proceedings of 53rd Annual Meeting of EAAP,29 August 2012, Bratislava.