EABFEntertainment Artistes Benevolent Fund (UK)
EABFEuropean American Business Forum (Charlotte, NC; est. 1985)
EABFEfferent Arteriolar Blood Flow
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Because there is lack of knowledge of gamma ray and neutron interaction with GAGOC and CMO scintillator materials, [m, HVL, MFP, [Z.sub.eff], [N.sub.el], EBF, and EABF have been investigated in a broad energy range.
Exposure Buildup Factors (EBF) and Gamma Ray Energy Absorption (EABF).
This figure shows that the maximum values of EBF and EABF are dependent on the composition of scintillator materials and penetration depth and shifted to higher energy.
The EBF and EABF values in the energy range 0.015-15 MeV and penetration depth of up to 40 mfp have been computed using the G-P fitting parameter method for GAGCO and CMO scintillator materials.
Caption: Figure 7: EBF and EABF variation for GAGOC and CMO with incident photon energy at 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40mfp.
Caption: Figure 9: EABF variation for GAGOC and CMO with incident photon energy ant 1, 10, 20, and 40 mfp.
King George V and Queen Mary pledged to attend a once-yearly variety show as long as the profits went to the Variety Artistes Benevolent Fund as the EABF was then known.