EACBEast African Currency Board
EACBEuropean Association of Cooperative Banks
EACBEspérance Athlétisme Chartres-de-Bretagne (French: Hope Athletics Chartres-de-Bretagne; Chartres-de-Bretagne, France)
EACBÉcole des Arts du Cirque de Bordeaux (French: School of Circus Arts in Bordeaux; Bordeaux, France)
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EACB systems have the quickest loss of strength due to temperature of the commercially available sand binders.
The EACB system has an almost unlimited bench life and improved shakeout over the PUCB system due to rapid binder breakdown.
Piet Moerland, the president of the EACB, asked that co-operative banks, representing 20% of the European market, be included in regulatory talks.
The Vice-Chairman is Christopher Pleister, Vice-President of the EACB, and the Secretariat will be co-ordinated by the ESBG.
It has taken decades to develop the efficient payment systems that we know at national level," said Herve Guider, secretary-general of EACB.