EACNEuroAfricaCentral Network (media organization)
EACNEuropean Alliance for Community Networking (est. 1997)
EACNEuropean Air Chemistry Network
EACNEuropean Anti-Corruption Network
EACNEscola d'Activitats Culturals a la Natura
EACNExecutive Airlift Communications Network (ground network providing communications to senior level government official)
EACNConstructionman, Engineering Aide Striker (Naval Rating)
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Next transform orderly two transversal sides of each of rectangles on every rank from the top to the bottom inside eacn No1[] into two [T.sub.A] sides as doing as possible, then need only either keep two [T.sub.A] sides of rectangle or move orderly one / two transversal sides of rectangle on from top to bottom each rank to respective adjacent transversal straight linear segment.
There was a long way to go before we could talk to eacn other except in the roughest sort of pidgin, but at least we had started to communicate.
Tabla 1 Valor del numero de atomos de carbono de cadena alifatica (ACN) de cada una de las fases organicas estudiadas 1131 Fase organica ACN o EACN Benceno 0 Tolueno +1 Xileno +2 Kerosen 8 Heptano 7 Decano 10