EACPÉquipes d'Action Contre le Proxénétisme (French: Teams of Action against Pimping)
EACPEndoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Anterograde Cholangiopancreatography
EACPÉducation aux Choix Professionnels (French: Education for Choice Professionals)
EACPEuropean Association of Coloproctology (now European Society of Coloproctology)
EACPEnvironnements d'Apprentissage pour les Communautés de Pratique
EACPEuroatlantic Partnership Council
EACPEuropean Area Communications Plan
EACPEuropean Association of Counselling Psychology (EU; est. 2006)
EACPEngine Auxiliary Coolant Pressure
EACPExtremely Advanced Computer Programming
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At a meeting of the EACP Joint Council in February, a small working group was set up, consisting of forwarder representatives from BIFA, FIATA and IATA to consider changes to the financial criteria.
DNA was isolated as described (5) and subjected to PCR by using the EACP primers to detect the full-length hemagglutinin (HA) gene, a marker for orthopoxvirus infection (1,5,7).
AP Ribeiro trabalhou na concepcao, na redacao e na revisao critica do artigo; EACP Barter trabalhou na redacao e na revisao critica.
The EACP goes on the road to Owatonna-area exporters in October.
EACP brings a wealth of transaction experience in and knowledge of, the power, energy, infrastructure, resource and mining sectors on the backdrop of the largest economy in Southeast Asia given Indonesia's expected GDP growth that could reach USD 1 trillion this year.