EACSEast Allen County Schools (New Haven, IN)
EACSEuropean AIDS Clinical Society (France)
EACSElectronic Access Control System (various organizations)
EACSEuropean Association of Chinese Studies
EACSEsperance Anglican Community School (Australia)
EACSÉcole des Arts Chinois du Spectacle (French: School of Chinese Performing Arts)
EACSExpeditionary Air Control Squadron (US Air Force)
EACSEuropean Association for the Control of Structures
EACSExtended Area Calling Service (telephones)
EACSSenior Chief Engineering Aide (Naval Rating)
EACSEmergency Air Cleaning System
EACSEP/EO Account Control System
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Cyber Security Architect at EACS, although this suggests that there may be greater financial repercussions, there will be long term benefits to the UK's digital economy.
Current EACS recommendations include the following.
If the error terms are orthogonal, the CV and EACS measures will not be correlated.
EACS guidelines for the clinical management and treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C coinfection in HIV-infected adults.
This information was presented November 18 at the EACS (European AIDS Clinical Society) meeting in Dublin, Ireland.
EACS guideline writers suggest two questions that can help clinicians identify depressed HIV patients: (3)
The 71 EACS suffered two power outages to the BC3 control system used to provide tactical level command, control and communications to aircraft flying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Clumeck N, Pozniak A, Raffi F and the EACS Executive Committee.
6) The first step in planning treatment, EACS says, is determining the number of depressive symptoms a person has from a simple list of 10 (see Figure 1 on page 27 of the preceding article):
This research service titled World EACS Market provides an in-depth analysis of the market drivers and restraints, industry trends, and competitive environment in addition to the challenges and issues faced by market participants.
This year's biennial EACS conference was the largest European HIV/AIDS meeting in 2011, with 2633 participants in total, coming from 79 different countries from the world.