EACWEnvironment and Art in Catholic Worship (book)
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He emphasises in several places that EACW in its original form was never a binding or authoritative document for anyone, even in the U.
Vosko was likely to discuss, and how they could be selectively described to bolster his case for an EACW vision of a church interior.
Bishops commissioned a new task group to revise EACW.
Conference of Bishops, our pastor agreed that EACW would not be used as a guideline for our liturgical decisions concerning the building of a new church in our parish.
So, with the problems and controversies associated with EACW fresh in my mind, I set about reading the text in Our Place of Worship with a somewhat critical eye.
In the October 9 issue of America, Nathan Mitchell, associate director for research at the Centre for Pastoral Liturgy at the University of Notre Dame, praised EACW, criticizing the new view as being part of a movement "to reassert those ancient beliefs, liturgical rules, and devotional practices that once made Catholicism synonymous with certitude.
Other defenders of EACW object to 'maintaining a functional understanding of the church' (i.