EADCEuropean Alzheimer's Disease Consortium
EADCEnergy Analysis and Diagnostic Center (now Industrial Assessment Technologies; US Department of Energy)
EADCEuropean Aerospace and Defence Company
EADCEnthoven Associates Design Consultants (Antwerp, Belgium)
EADCEquality and Diversity Committee (UK)
EADCEast African Deaf Connection
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Last year, EADC invested in a new Kenya Power substation, a move to support green energy in the world.
BAe and Dasa spokesmen stressed the two aerospace groups still prefer an agreement which includes Aerospatiale in the formation of the EADC.
14] proposed a cluster-based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with nonuniform node distribution to avoid energy hole, which includes an energy-aware clustering algorithm EADC and a cluster-based routing algorithm.
Furthermore, the experiment compares NNDC, DIRECT, LEACH and EADC in the following 3 indexes: 1 the energy consumption of the rings in the network; 2 when the first dead node appears, what the nodes' residual energy rate in each ring would be like; 3 network lifetime period.
Through simulation, we have compared NNDC, EADC, DIRECT and LEACH on such performances as energy consumption, nodes' residual energy rate when the first node dies and network lifetime.
For EADC, nodes' energy consumption is relatively even, but nodes' average energy consumption is more than NNDC for the lack of density control.
Because EADC constructs clusters of even sizes using competition range in order to balance the energy consumption among cluster members, so EADC can also better balance energy consumption.
16 gives the comparison of network energy efficiency of DIRECT, LEACH, EADC and NNDC in a default network environment.