EADDEast Africa Dairy Development Project
EADDÉcole Alliance de Déclarants en Douane (French: School Alliance of Customs Declarations)
EADDÉcosystèmes, Agrosystèmes et Développement Durable (French: Ecosystems, and Sustainable Development Agrosystems)
EADDEntrepreneurial Attention Deficit Disorder (Someday Island)
EADDEngineering Analysis, Design and Development
EADDEquivalent Air Density Depth
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According to Gerald Mutinda, Regional Manager at EADD, in 2013 Kenya produced five litres of milk per cow per day whereas it ought to be be producing 40 litres.
The EADD project was implemented in 2008 with an initial grant from the Gates Foundation of $51.
Daniel Laizer, EADD project manager in Tanzania, said his country's diary sector has not been active and many cooperatives have shut down due to mismanagement.