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EADIEuropean Association of Development, Research and Training Institutes
EADIElectrical Activity of the Diaphragm (respiratory medicine)
EADIElectronic Attitude Director Indicator
EADIEstação Aduaneira Interior (Portugese: dry port)
EADIElectronic Attitude Display Indicator
EADIExperts Associés en Diagnostics Immobiliers (French: Expert Real Estate Diagnostics Associates)
EADIExtended Availability Drop and Insert (Cisco)
EADIElectronic Attitude Directional Indicator
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As shown in [Table 3], increasing the depth of sedation reduced the peak EAdi [Figure 1] and mean EAdi ( P < 0.05), which suggested a decrease in respiratory drive, while P0.1 and VT/Ti remained unchanged.
Representatives of the European Association of Development Institutes (EADI) have railed against the "exclusive economistic ways of looking at development phenomena" in the GDN, where "the (funding) incentive policy of the World Bank and deliberate choice ...
I scanned the flight instruments and was amazed to see the EADI going nose up through 15 degrees.
Means across two environments for four Conico maize continuous variables (days to anthesis, ANTH; ear height, EAHT; grain yield, YLD; ear diameter, EADI), percentage of observations with different level of ear rot infection, and group size (n) for groups formed using the two-stage, three-way Gaussian Mixture (GM) model with only the continuous variables and using the two-stage, three-way Modified Location Model (MLM) with the continuous and the categorical variables.
Second, both extaat witnesses to the text of Hali Meithhad agree in reading leat in the passage quoted above: ~In heore ring, per Godd seolf aad his deore moder, pe deorewurthe meiden, pe heouealiche cwea, leat in pet eadi trume of schimminde meidnes ...'.
Conference Paper Presented at the 14th EADI General Conference, 23-26 June, Bonn, pp 1 -21.
Tunis: The African Development Bank (AfDB) through its capacity development department, the African Development Institute (EADI), and in collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) envisages, plan to host a high level conference on "Transforming Capacity for African Development" in the fourth quarter of 2014.
(1999): Policy Coherence in Development Cooperation, 16-57, Londres, EADI Book Series.
EADI Workshop on Clusters and Global Value Chains in the North and the Third World, Universita del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.