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EADIEuropean Association of Development, Research and Training Institutes
EADIElectrical Activity of the Diaphragm (respiratory medicine)
EADIElectronic Attitude Director Indicator
EADIEstação Aduaneira Interior (Portugese: dry port)
EADIElectronic Attitude Display Indicator
EADIExperts Associés en Diagnostics Immobiliers (French: Expert Real Estate Diagnostics Associates)
EADIExtended Availability Drop and Insert (Cisco)
EADIElectronic Attitude Directional Indicator
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I scanned the flight instruments and was amazed to see the EADI going nose up through 15 degrees.
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Two-stage, three-way GM with only continuous variables Continuous variables Group ANTH EAHT YLD EADI cm Mg [ha.
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EADI Workshop on Clusters and Global Value Chains in the North and the Third World, Universita del Piemonte Orientale, Novara, Italy.
Smiths Aerospace has been awarded a contract from American Airlines to retrofit 128 MD-80 aircraft with 5ATI EADI / EHSI (electronic attitude direction indicator / electronic horizontal situation indicator) active matrix liquid crystal display systems.