EADLÉconomie de l'Aménagement et du Développement Local (French: Economics of Planning and Local Development)
EADLEuropean Association for Distance Learning
EADLElectronic Aids to Daily Living
EADLExtended Activities of Daily Living
EADLEnhanced Airborne Data Loader (Teledyne Controls)
EADLEvaluated Atomic Data Library (Lawrence Livermore National Library; Livermore, CA)
EADLÉcol'Auto des Lycées (French auto school)
EADLExecutable Architecture Definition Language
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When someone is deciding on an EADL, many factors must be considered, namely personal factors, equipment, environment, and funding.
The basic cost of a full EADL system can range from $3,500 to $6,000.
Due to lack of funding in general, technology transfer into EADL devices has been slow.
For the EADL market to change drastically in the United States, funding for the devices will likely need to become more accepted.
Electronic aids for daily living (EADLs) are devices used to help people access, operate, and control electrical appliances in the home, school, or workplace.
EADLs are controlled either by an ability switch, touch screen, voice recognition, or integrated with other controls; controls can be integrated with computer access, wheelchair controls, or augmentative communication devices.
Two broad categories of EADLs exist: computer-based and stand-alone.
Common types of electrical appliances controlled by EADLs are telephones, lights, door openers, door locks, fans, drapes, blinds, beds, audiovisual equipment, home climate controls, call systems, and security cameras.
Some individuals purchase elaborate televisions, stereos, and other electronic devices; however, EADLs are usually considered devices that someone else should provide.
If you can press larger buttons, your EADL may still cost less than $100 (see Adaptivation's Universal TV Remote at www.adaptivation.com).
However, if your physical and/or visual limitations require alternative switches or even speech actuation to make selections for devices, explore the new commercial EADLs on the market.
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