EADLEuropean Association for Distance Learning
EADLElectronic Aids to Daily Living
EADLExtended Activities of Daily Living
EADLEvaluated Atomic Data Library (Lawrence Livermore National Library; Livermore, CA)
EADLExecutable Architecture Definition Language
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Since many of these devices cannot perform EADL functions, some growth in this area may be expected.
The primary purpose of an EADL is consistent performance of necessary daily tasks.
Integrated controls that operate an EADL are helpful and often necessary when a person has a limited number of switch-control sites available.
A computer-based EADL is a combination of hardware and software that is added to a computer system and allows control of the environment.
EADL feedback to the user may be visual or auditory.
Common types of electrical appliances controlled by EADLs are telephones, lights, door openers, door locks, fans, drapes, blinds, beds, audiovisual equipment, home climate controls, call systems, and security cameras.
Some individuals purchase elaborate televisions, stereos, and other electronic devices; however, EADLs are usually considered devices that someone else should provide.