EADSNEEuropean Agency for Development in Special Needs Education
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As calls for all classroom teachers to be better prepared for inclusive education become increasingly common (Blanton, Pugach & Florian, 2011; EADSNE, 2011; Forlin, 2010; Kosnik & Beck, 2009), a consideration of the professional development needs of teacher educators cannot be overstated.
In a recently published review of education in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden, EADSNE notes that private schools in these countries are "not generally considered elite" and that attending one confers "no added status or advantages.
In its recently published Seventeen Country Study of the Relationship Between Financing of Special Needs Education and Inclusion, EADSNE found that monopolistic public school systems characterized by "direct input funding" -- that is, upping the budget for every increase in the number of learning-disabled students -- produced the least desirable outcomes.