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The value for f c2 was calculated as f c2 = EaDT x A/B.
Some of the variables showing no association appeared statistically significant such as extra-alveolar dry time, EADT. This is probably due to the effect of the classification system criteria or sample size and identifies the need for further studies to support the results.
(http:// EADT reported that the accident was believed to be caused by the Mayor's accidental lurch forward while trying to obtain a parking spot located in front of the building.
Tyrea llocation Harda nd soft RaceD RS zone Thepi tss traight Course winnerstakingpart S Vettel(1), M Schumacher(6),M Webber(1), J Button(1), FM assa(1), F Alonso( 1) Last year Fernando Alonso madea blisteringstart tol eadt hee arly laps but hef ellawaydramaticallyaf ter changing tot he harder tyres.