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EAEExperimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
EAEExperimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis
EAEEnquête Annuelle d'Entreprise (Annual Survey of Businesses, France)
EAEEnterprise Application Environment (Unisys)
EAEEdited American English
EAEElectro Acoustic Ensemble (UK band)
EAEEnzootic Abortion in Ewes
EAEEverything About Everything (blog)
EAEExecutive Articles Editor
EAEExpected Adverse Event
EAEEnvironmental Architect-Engineer
EAEEngenharia Automotiva e Aeroespacial (SAE magazine, Brasil)
EAEEnd Average Events
EAEExpress Auto Exchange
EAEEvaluación Ambiental Estratéjica (Spanish: Strategic Environmental Assessment)
EAEEnterprise Account Executive (various companies)
EAEEvolutionary Approach to Electromagnetics
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Clinical assessment for EAE was performed daily after disease induction, and disease severity was scored using the following criteria:[sup][6] (1) 0 = no clinical symptoms; (2) 1 = tail paralysis; (3) 2 = hindlimb weakness or partial paralysis; (4) 3 = complete paralysis of two hindlimbs; (5) 4 = paralysis of both forelimbs and hindlimbs; and (6) 5 = moribund or dead.
En la tabla 2 se observa que los atletas veteranos espanoles de ambos sexos presentan valores medios en el total de la EAE.
The aim of this study was to determine the therapeutic effect of Ca on the improvement of EAE induced by [MOG.
They separated mice into four groups: a group with EAE only; a group that was given the EAE, then treated with the MitoQ; a third group that was given the MitoQ first, then given the EAE; and a fourth "control" group of mice without EAE and without any other treatment.
They showed that if the intestines of the germ-free mice are colonized with B fragilis that lacks the PSA molecule, the mice become susceptible to EAE again.
A few days ago, it was also announced that EAE served as the exclusive agent for a publicly listed manufacturing company that has entered into a successful Equity Line Agreement with a New York based investor.
La aplicacion de la EAE es cada vez mayor, incluso en los paises en desarrollo; por ejemplo: Africa del Sur, Argentina, Brasil, Chile y Costa Rica, y se extiende a un numero amplio de sectores y ambitos (Alshuwaikhat, 2005).
Utah Game Forge, which is wholly owned by the University of Utah, was created through a collaboration of the U's EAE program and its Technology Commercialization Office to help students both commercialize and distribute their games.
National statistics show that EAE and toxoplasmosis remain the most common reasons why ewes abort, even though vaccines are available.
The EAE will be located in the Dutch city of Groningen.
The EAE is a public enterprise mandated to provide quality airport infrastructure and services to its customers, with its own distinct mission, vision and core values: