EAEAEgyptian Atomic Energy Authority (nuclear energy)
EAEAEuropean Arts and Entertainment Alliance
EAEAEuropean Architectural Endoscopy Association (imaging)
EAEAEast Allen Educators Association
EAEAEuropean Assembly Elections Act (UK)
EAEAEuropean Association for the Education of Adults
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EAEA will complete this exercise in two or three parts and ask for researchers in different areas.
Former deputy head of the EAEA Abdel-Fatah Hilal was quoted as saying in Al-Shorouk newspaper that some businessmen wanted to appropriate the site under the pretext of boosting tourism revenues.
Bazzari says: EAEA key advantage of private equity investing is the active role that investment managers would play in developing and adding value to the underlying business.
EAEAs long as investors are aware that they can lose their capital, as is the case in any investment, I donEot see there is a need to restrict who can participate in the new market that will be created,Eo he says.
EAEA sustainable decision considers the Eotriple bottom lineEo, which comprises social, environmental, and economic criteria (people, planet, and profits).
EAEAs a company, Masafi is committed to sustainability and it is embedded in our companyEos culture,Eo says Natascha Edelmann, head of marketing at Masafi.
He adds: EAEA really underestimated challenge is the exposure to natural perils.
EAEAs per GVCA and Emerging Markets Private Equity Association statistics, of the total funds raised in 2008, almost $4 billion or about 60 to 65 per cent of the funds raised, were deployed within the MENA region with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE being the top destinations.