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EAECEurasian Economic Community
EAECEnteroaggregative Escherichia Coli
EAECEuropean Atomic Energy Community
EAECEast Asian Economic Caucus
EAECEuropean Automobile Engineers Cooperation
EAECEuropean Association of Erasmus Coordinators
EAECEuropean Automobile Engineers Cooperation (est. 1985; various locations)
EAECEuro Audit Expertise Conseil (French accounting firm)
EAECEast African Economic Community
EAECEuropean-American Evangelistic Crusades (Sheridan, CA)
EAECEnterprise Architecture Executive Council
EAECEurobodalla Adult Education Centre (South Coast, New South Wales, Australia)
EAECEuropean Atomic Energy Committee
EAECEnlisted Aviator Entry Course
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In EAEC there is the principle of the equality of the members but Russia is still the largest player.
ru obtained copies of the documents Apple filed to EAEC that contain details about the products that the company is putting up for sale soon in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia and to other parts of the world as well.
We are well aware of what our partners in the EAEC need.
Countries of the EAEC mostly imported machinery and equipment (32% of the total imports from the EAEC), mineral products (17.
Para los analisis unicamente se incluyo a los sustentantes que contestaron al 100% la EAEC (n = 548,756) quienes tenian una edad promedio de 19.
DAEC was the most frequent type identified (9/108), followed by ETEC (8/108), EIEC (4/108), STEC (3/108), and EAEC (1/108).
Additionally, all isolates were positive for the aggR gene, which encodes a regulator of virulence plasmid and chromosomal genes and is characteristic of EAEC (7).
Resistance levels among various groups of DEC (EPEC, ETEC, EAEC, and EHEC) were similar to one another (Table 1).
TABLE 1 Worldwide geographical variation of predominant etiologic agents of TD 16 Etiologic agent (top 4 in each region Region listed in descending prevalence) Latin America and Caribbean ETEC, EAEC, norovirus, EPEC South Asia ETEC, EAEC, Salmonella, Shigella Southeast Asia Campylobacter, EPEC, Salmonella, noncholera Vibrio Africa ETEC, norovirus, Shigella, EPEC EAEC, enteroaggregative Escherichia coli; EPEC, enteropathogenic E coli; ETEC, enterotoxigenic E coli; TD, travelers' diarrhea.
coli enteropatogenica (EPEC)], han sido fuertemente asociadas con diarrea persistente en pacientes con VIH en Africa, en particular la variante EAEC, para la cual se ha descrito una relacion directa con severidad de la diarrea (68-70), que sin embargo no pudo ser demostrada en una poblacion infantil estudiada en Brasil (41) (Tabla I).
EAEC 2013 will be held concurrently with third annual Emerging Markets Airport Awards (EM) 2013.