EAEPEEuropean Association for Evolutionary Political Economy
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Michalek, Claudio De Vincenti, Julia Mortera, Alessia Naccarato, Giacomo Sbrana, and all the participants of the 2004 EAEPE conference (University of Crete, 28-31 October 2004).
As a member of EAEPE who was at this conference, I think that the conference was a great success, and the venue perfect, with a combination of relaxed excitation characteristic of Athens.
1993b), "The impact of the self-organisation approach on economic science: why economic theory and history need no longer be mutually exclusive domains", paper presented at the 1993 EAEPE conference, September, Barcelona, Spain.
2005), Institutional Competition and Evolution of Perception of Norms, Paper presented at the EAEPE conference in Bremen, Germany, November.
EAEPE recently had a centenary celebration conference on the subject of Thorstein Veblen's (1857-1929) legacy in political economy (see Louca and Perlman 2000).