EAEREEuropean Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
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Kevin Siqueira, and session participants at the Public Choice Society Meetings in San Antonio, at the European Public Choice Society Meetings in Paris, and at the EAERE Annual Conference in Southampton for useful discussions, comments, and suggestions, and to Kishore Gawande for sharing his data and providing additional comments.
For helpful comments and suggestions, we are indebted to Dennis Jansen and two anonymous referees, John Braden, Don Fullerton, Robin Jenkins, and Eric Rasmusen: attendees of presentations at Cambridge University; the University of Illinois, and Indiana University: the Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop; and conferences of the EAERE, SEA, and WEA.
We would like to thank Torbj[ddot{o}]rn Becker, Thomas Crocker, Matthew Emeny, Wilfred Ethier, Kevin Grier, Robert Inman, Paul Kleindorfer, William Oakland, Jonathan Pincus, Kamal Saggi, and participants at presentations at the Universities of Calgary, Central Florida, and Maryland, as well as at George Washington University, Southern Methodist University, and the Eighth Annual EAERE Conference held at Tilburg University.