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EAFEffort Adjustment Factor
EAFEducational Advancement Foundation (Chicago, IL)
EAFEdinburgh Art Festival (Scotland, UK)
EAFEmployer Application Form (UK)
EAFEarth Alliance Forces (Gundam Seed Anime)
EAFElite Armed Forces
EAFEquipment Allowance File
EAFElectrolysis Association of Florida
EAFEconomic Analysis Fundamentals
EAFEvent Adaptation Function
EAFEngineering Analysis Function
EAFEngineering Application Framework
EAFExperimenter's Analysis Facility
EAFEconomic Adjustment Factor
EAFExport Authorization Form
EAFEffective Availability Factor
EAFEmergency Action Facility
EAFEast Asia Forum
EAFEmployers Association of Florida
EAFEosinophilic Angiocentric Fibrosis (respiratory illness)
EAFEgyptian Armed Forces
EAFEnterprise Architecture Framework
EAFEntity Armed Forces
EAFExpeditionary Airfield
EAFEgyptian Air Force
EAFElectric Arc Furnace
EAFEnglish Archery Federation
EAFexpeditionary aerospace forces (US DoD)
EAFEnginemen's Assurance Fund (UK)
EAFExperimental Art Foundation (Adelaide, South Australia)
EAFEPEC (Enteropathogenic Escherichia Coli) Adherence Factor
EAFEnergy Availability Factor (power plant performance)
EAFEcosystem Approach to Fisheries
EAFEnvironmentally Attributable Fraction
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The magnitude of the flicker caused EAF loads can be obtained directly by measuring devices and also can be calculated from the voltage fluctuations that are measured by using advanced simulation programs.
The world generation of EAF dust is estimated to be 5-7 million tons per year [9, 12]; steel production through EAF produces about 15-20kg per ton of steel which contain Zn, Pb and Cr(VI) together with Fe; whereas Zn, due to the relatively large amount present, is the most valuable component [10, 11].
Zinc sulphide and zinc carbonate are the main source of zinc production however it is partly produced from various complexes and wastes such as zinc ash, zinc dross, EAF dusts, scraps and slags by pyrometallurgical, hydrometallurgical or their combination processes [8][9].
Relations between Cairo and Hamas have deteriorated since the EAF ousted Mursi after June 30 protests against MB rule by about 33m Egyptians who urged the military to save Egypt from the grip of an Islamist movement trying to turn the country into a universal Neo-Salafi caliphate.
Combined FACTS/ESS not only can improve power flow control, oscillation damping, and voltage control, but also improve the power quality of the transmission and distribution systems, including mitigation of the voltage flickers caused by EAF [6].
When the EAF was launched, no-one could have predicted the overwhelming response from the industry.
Aa Since then, the EAF has raised money for her to receive intravenous treatments for her rheumatoid arthritis and also to have both her knees replaced.
The other advantages that EAFs hold, even with legacy costs being less of a factor, are that there can be far lower capital costs and maintenance costs at an EAF mill compared to an integrated steel mill.
For EAF steelmakers, some of these options have entailed significant R&D time and money.
Two years earlier, he had undergone surgical biopsy at another institution, and he was diagnosed with EAF.
That war left the EAF in dire need of rehabilitation, a task spearheaded by Mubarak upon his appointment in November 1967 to the position of director general of the EAF Academy.
Under SEQRA, a fully-completed EAF must be used by the municipality to evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the project before it is approved.