EAFCEast Asian Football Championship
EAFCEscrow Agents' Fidelity Corporation
EAFCEducating Africans for Christ (Jackson, MS)
EAFCÉquipe Académique de Formation des Cadres (French: Team Academic Staff Training)
EAFCEvansville Area Fundraising Council (Evansville, IN)
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The EAFC led countries to revisit the issue of a RFSN mainly because of the way in which the IMF managed the crisis.
71) The EAFC laid bare the inadequacy of this arrangement.
During the EAFC, Thailand received over $17 billion in emergency liquidity.
The EAFC crisis highlighted the problems of inadequate bank governance and regulation in East Asia.
Considering that the IMF's handling of the EAFC was heavily criticized in East Asia, the fact that countries in this region henceforth developed a complementary rather than competing safety net is a positive sign for the GFSN.
Additionally, the EAFC must tailor its recommendations for Native Elders and members of their community to "bridge the cultural gap.
First, while a communal workplace is central to the success of an EAFC, one location to service the whole of Alaska would be difficult.
153) Undoubtedly, the DOJ would consider funding an Alaskan EAFC under this or their tribal grants funding.
A final limitation of an EAFC is the severely limited "ability to follow subjects after their role has concluded in the case (whether through final disposition or lack of pursuit of the case).
130) EAFCs are multidisciplinary collaborations between agencies geared towards the protection of elders and prevention of elder abuse.