EAFZEast Anatolian Fault Zone
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For their region 6, covering the EAFZ in this study, the mean return period for Ms[greater than or equal to]5.0 was estimated as 11.75[+ or -]0.54 years.
They also calculated b-values smaller than 1.0 in their region 4 (b=0.96, in Bitlis Thrust zone), region 5 (b=0.94, including BZF and KEZ), region 6 (b=0.91, in EAFZ).
According to their spatial results, low b-values are shown in and around CFZ, AF, KF, the north, south and east of Lake Van, the west of AKF, on the EAFZ and BTZ, between MLF-SF-BZF, between MTZ and KEZ, in the south east part of the EAFZ, and in the junction of the EAFZ and DSFZ.
Dc-values greater than 2.2 were observed in regions 1, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, 16, 26 and 50 which were related to the NEAFZ including the Dumlu and Cobandede fault zones, the ATBKF, the IDCF, the BZTZ, the junction of part of the Dead Sea fault and the EAFZ, the Aegean Arc and the ENAFZ.