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EAGGFEuropean Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund
EAGGFEuropean Agricultural Guarantee and Guidance Fund (EU)
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This contrasts with 1.4% of ESF funding ( 365 million), 0.8% of EAGGF funding ( 57 million) and only 1% of ERDF funding ( 68 million).
A number of winners were announced for each of the fiercely fought out competitions, namely the hi-tech video stockjudging competition, sponsored by the FUW; the Undercover ATV challenge sponsored by the Army; and the Rural Enterprise Scheme contenders, supported by the EAGGF, WDA and NatWest.
The Commission made it clear that from that day on, interest would be levied on the sum in question and, should Greece persist in not paying, the Commission will compensate the EU budget by withholding money from the monthly payments due to Greece under the EAGGF. The money - whether Greece pays up or whether the money is taken from the EAGGF - will go into the EU's General Budget, thereby reducing the other Member States' contributions.
The competition, which is supported by the NatWest, EAGGF and WDA, encourages young farmers between 18 and 31 years of age to develop potential ideas into viable businesses in their rural locality.
Relevant components in these areas are LIFE-Nature and certain Structural Fund budget lines: EAGGF, ERDF, RECHAR, RESIDER, and the Cohesion Fund.
Under the terms of a Decision adopted by the European Commission on 27 July on the clearance of EAGGF accounts, the money will be recovered because of inadequate control procedures or non-compliance with EU rules on farm spending.
The Commission adds that certain regional development programmes make specific provision for preventive measures, whilst reforestation measures can be pursued through the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF).
He concludes that a much tighter definition of the objectives of the Regulation is necessary, that it is unacceptable to run programmes of this nature and scale (so far the total EAGGF expenditure amounts to almost ECU 3.8 billion) without proper evaluation of the results.
The figures have been derived from the EAGGF (European Agricultural Guarantee and Guidance Fund) based on data received from the member states.