EAMAEuropean American Musical Alliance (New York, NY)
EAMAEuropean Asset Management Association
EAMAEuropean Automobile Manufacturers Association
EAMAEgyptian Automobile Manufacturers Association
EAMAEuropean Academy of Music and Art (Florida)
EAMAExpiratory Abdominal Muscle Activity (sleep apnea research)
EAMAEast Anglian Motor Auctions (UK)
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EAMA, (European Automobile Manufacturers Association), Press Release "Auto Industry Reacts to New Real Driving Emissions Testing Standards, 10/30/2015
En particular, los productos agricolas de los EAMA se encontraron con el funcionamiento de organizaciones comunes de mercado en el interior de la CEE, viendose limitados al mejor trato que la Comunidad ofrecia para la entrada de productos basicos de terceros paises.
After consultation with EAMA members and face-to-face interviews at the end of 2002, the report attempts to provide a longer-term route-map for future Government initiatives that are presented as a set of seven principal policy recommendations:
Members from the Oroan poor farmers group lobby the FOM to negotiate in their interests; multi-national lobbyists lobby the UN, the Petroans, and EAMA to protect their interests.
The World Health Organisation, the International Institute of Ageing of United Nations, the International Association of Gerontology and the International Association of Psychogeriatrics supported the initiative of the EAMA.
Mike Legg, chairman of EAMA, said: "What we urgently need is for the Government to make a long term investment in supporting manufacturing, at this critical time.
Khaled Saad, director general of Bavarian Brilliance and member of the board of directors of EAMA, pointed out that Egypt Automotive always comes out with good recommendations that serve the sector, even though the government routine negatively affects them.
Tenders are invited for "Provision of insurance services for the needs of the Executive Agency" Maritime Administration "of immovable property - public and private state property, granted for management of EAMA; insurance of motor vehicles for "Third Party Liability" and "Vehicle accident" and "Autocasco"; Casco insurance - full and partial loss, Collision Responsibility and General Crash and Rescue; Group Insurance for Occupational Injury Insurance for the EAMA crews and the personnel carrying out the inspection of the craft as well as the employees who control the operational suitability of the ports and the high-risk facilities; insurance for Group Accident Insurance for crew members temporarily engaged in the activities of rescue boats of EAMA "
The automobile committee formed by Tarek Amer, the governor of the CBE, in December, which works with the EAMA and the Minister of Investment to study developing local car manufacturing and enhancing local produce, has decided earlier to hand the committee's report to Amer.
The committee is chaired by Hussein Mostafa, head of EAMA, while Mounir al-Zahed is the vice chairperson.
EAMA Executive Manager Husein Mostafa said it is necessary to involve EAMA, the Egyptian Autofeeders Association, and the Egyptian Automotive Council, in addition to other entities, such as both divisions of transport means and feeding industries of the Federation of Egyptian Industries.