EAONOEuropean Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology
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This study was presented at the "9th EAONO Instructional Workshop", "20th-23th of June 2018", "Copenhagen, Denmark"
The evidence has been low in many aspects of diagnosis and treatment options in MD and because of this the EAONO working group needed to make this review for a better clarification.
In contrast to the AAO-HNS criteria published in 1972, 1985, and 1995, Barany Society in collaboration with AAO-HNS, the Japan Society for Equilibrium Research, the EAONO, and the Korean Balance Society published the criteria for the diagnosis of Meniere's disease.
* For the present, the EAONO proposes a protocol mainly based on the Danish experience.
Acknowledgements: The author thanks the board of the EAONO for its help and support.
EAONO position statement on Vestibular Schwannoma: Imaging Assessment Question: How should growth of Vestibular Schwannoma be defined?
The EAONO advises to follow the following algorithm:
Apart from audiological protocols, the EAONO encourages the idea of a computerized "self-learning" algorithm that uses audiological and other (dichotomous) data to predict the presence of vestibular schwannoma.
EAONO steering group decided to undertake the task of developing guidelines in the field of otology and neurotology.
This literature review on the definitions and classification of cholesteatoma was performed to create the online survey for EAONO members [2].
Background on the Collaboration Between EAONO and JOS on the Definitions, Staging, and Classification of Middle Ear Cholesteatoma
The European Academy of Otology and Neurotology (EAONO) has previously published a document on the definitions and classification of cholesteatoma.