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EAPCEuro-Atlantic Partnership Council
EAPCEuropean Association for Palliative Care
EAPCEarly American Prescut
EAPCEquitable Access to Primary Care (UK)
EAPCEast African Petroleum Conference
EAPCÉcurie Automobile du Pays de Caux (French automotive club)
EAPCEuropéenne d'Assurances Placements et Crédits (French: European Insurance Investments and Credits)
EAPCExpectations Augmented Phillips Curve (economics)
EAPCExternal Affairs Policy Coordination (Sprint)
EAPCEstimated Aerobic Plate Count (microbiology)
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By race/ethnicity, from 2007 to 2013 the percentage of MSM with a negative test <12 months before HIV diagnosis increased among blacks (from 48% to 57%; EAPC = 2.
The EAPC (%) [Table 9], [Figure 5] and [Figure 6] estimated the value reflecting the trends associated with changes in cancer incidence and mortality rates in Wuwei from 2003 to 2012.
Spiritual care in palliative care: working towards an EAPC Task Force.
Las quince variables referidas son: PES, LQSTU, MLSTUA, GPE, PHNV, POVPH, PP15EPB, DENSV, PVCS, PVTB, PPSS, PAREA, PAREM, EAPC y C.
the Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) on Regional Cooperation in South East Europe working under the auspices of the EAPC in Political Committee Session;
During its first decade, the EAPC used to regularly hold four ministerial-level meetings a year to coordinate action on major international security issues.
To elucidate the understanding of terms, the EAPC Ethics task force make the statement that euthanasia is active by definition: Euthanasia is killing on request and is defined as a doctor intentionally killing a person by the administration of drugs, at that person's voluntary and competent request.
gt; European Association of Palliative Care: Standards and Norms for Hospice and Palliative Care in Europe--The EAPC White Paper.
The databank will be forwarded to EAPC Wind Energy by utilizing an Iridium satellite uplink.
While writing this diary I reflect on my tomorrow's agenda: to check my speaking notes for the EAPC Ambassador's meeting; to settle a problem reported by my staff member; to tell the secretary to confirm the dinner with the Contact point Ambassador for Macedonia immediately after I return from the official trip to the regular NATO Parliamentary Assembly Session.
EAPC ensures conditions for direct and open discussions of Partnership for Peace related issues, poiltical problems and security issues in Euro-Atlantic region.