EAPEEvangelical Association for the Promotion of Education
EAPEEntente Athlétique du Plateau Est (French athletic club)
EAPEÉcurie Auto des Plaines d'Estrées (French car club)
EAPEÉquipe de l'Annuaire des Prix Extérieurs (Canadian ski patrol awards)
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As someone who works in the field of adult environmental education, I was intrigued by the application of the EAPE model, but slightly disappointed by the lack of variety in the activities offered.
It offers a comprehensive listing of organizations and literature relevant to EAPE, but many of the sources cited in the first chapters are not referenced and the book lacks a bibliography.
Trabajadores No Muestra Docentes de la EAPE 66 20 Docentes de la EAPEF 33 10 Administrativos 102 30 Total 201 60