EAPPEastern Africa Power Pool (various locations)
EAPPEuropean Association of Personality Psychology
EAPPEDEM (Experts in Discrete Element Modeling) Academic Partner Program
EAPPEnglish for Academic Purposes Program (various universities)
EAPPEuropean Association for Professional Piercing (Germany)
EAPPEnglish for Academic and Professional Purposes (various schools)
EAPPExternal Affairs and Public Policy (DaimlerChrysler)
EAPPÉvaluation de l'Aptitude Physique au Métier de Policier (French: Evaluation of Physical Fitness for Police Work)
EAPPEngineer Accelerated Promotion Program
EAPPEnvironmental & Alternative Portfolio Partnerships (Barcelona, Spain)
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The EAPP is a special precinct for senior citizens, PWDs and pregnant women.
LENTE said that while Electoral Boards are not as "well-versed" with EAPP protocol, their volunteers help in ensuring procedures are followed.
Of these we could confirm (i.e., they were also significantly associated with [PM.sub.10] in the validation cohort based on uncorrected p-values, and associations were in the same direction as in the discovery cohort) two out of eight genes for men [Dna] homolog, subfamily B, member 5 (DNAJB5), and E2F associated phosphoprotein (EAPP)] and one out of eight genes for women to be [Rho GTPase Activating protein 4 (ARHGAP4)] borderline significantly (p = 0.0535) associated with [PM.sub.10] exposure (Table 4).
The [DELTA][G.sup.0.sub.ads] of EAPP on carbon steel in HCl solution is -33.11 kJ [mol.sup.-1], which between -20kJ[mol.sup.-1] and -40kJ[mol.sup.-1], suggesting that the adsorption of EAPP molecules on carbon steel surface is not merely physisorption or chemisorption.
All EAPP member states with the exception of Egypt agreed on the forwarded positions that will be taken to effect the implementation of the 25-year master plan.
Midway and final student and clinician eAPP data were extracted from all clinical placements during the data collection period and pooled across the two enrolment cohorts.
For the EAPP as a whole, regional power trade could result in gains of more than 20 per cent annually accruing to the power pool members.
Ifeyinwa Ikeonu, made the call Thursday while addressing participants at the on-going week-long workshop for the Eastern Africa Power Pool (EAPP), titled "Regional Aspects of Electricity Sector Regulation", in Accra, Ghana.
An Engineering App, further on called eApp, is a high performance piece of software, an application, a system or a digital tool, which supports the product designers, process planners, factory and production planners, factory operators and shop floor managers in their daily activities with a special focus on supporting collaboration.
"It really cuts down not only on the time filling out paperwork, but also improves the speed of issue and the speed of electronic transfer of funds," adds Mark Fitzgerald, national sales manager for Saybrus Partners, whose parent, the Phoenix Companies, uses FireLight to power its new eApp for fixed index annuities.
The Phoenix Cos.' eApp is a newly developed digital application platform that enhances the way advisers and brokers complete and submit fixed indexed annuity application forms through a highly secure Web portal.
Students can search and apply online for all 400 scholarships using OSAC's electronic application, known as the eApp, available at www.GetCollegeFunds.org.