EAPPEuropean Association of Personality Psychology
EAPPEDEM (Experts in Discrete Element Modeling) Academic Partner Program
EAPPEnglish for Academic Purposes Program (various universities)
EAPPEuropean Association for Professional Piercing (Germany)
EAPPEnglish for Academic and Professional Purposes (various schools)
EAPPExternal Affairs and Public Policy (DaimlerChrysler)
EAPPÉvaluation de l'Aptitude Physique au Métier de Policier (French: Evaluation of Physical Fitness for Police Work)
EAPPEngineer Accelerated Promotion Program
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The products of livestock in the EAPP countries have already become interested in Iran, Iraq, China, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, having solvent markets.
We found DNAJB5 and EAPP in men and ARHGAP4 in women based on a discovery set and a validation analysis to be significantly associated with [PM.
Established in 2005, the EAPP member countries include Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Libya.
Other member countries of EAPP are Burundi, DR Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Sudan
The EAPP met with somewhat stronger interest in the rest of the euro area over the past six months than in Germany.
The EAPP has received support from the US government, the World Bank, the African Development Bank, and the regions governments.
The EAPP member nations are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.
The integration of the power systems of the EAPP will enable the development of Ethiopia s large hydropower resources for the export market and address power shortages throughout the region.
The characteristics of the eApps are defined as follows: Standard-based: The development of eApps will be based on existing well-established standards and exchange formats, to enable an efficient integration and deployment of the developed eApps in existing manufacturing engineering environments.
Because Quick eApps are always complete, they go directly to the underwriters.
com)-- eApps Hosting customers can now increase their productivity by using the latest version of Zimbra, VMware's innovative email, calendar and collaboration solution.
The company uses eapps to provide the following additional hosting and applications for the Portal Advanced Plus VPS - Ruby/Java/LAMP, Apache 2.