EAPPIEcumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel
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This past April my EAPPI team met with the Hebron office director for Defense for Children International.
The EAPPI was set up in by church leaders in Jerusalem in 2001 in response to worries over violence and human rights abuses.
As Jean Zaru, who works with the peace group Sabeel and is presiding clerk of Ramallah's Quaker community, recently put it, "When asked about what gives me hope, I mention the EAPPI.
Instead they arrested me for the night, and then the police did not call me again,' he told EAPPI.
Ken said the settlers used threats and violence against the villagers and the EAPPI had maintained a round-the-clock presence in Yanoun since early 2003.
According to EAPPI representative Hilary Minch, the land is owned by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal.
Throughout 2009, EAPPI, using their eyewitness reports, documented numerous attacks on and evictions of Palestinian families, such as the assault by Israeli settlers on the Ghawi family--a homeless family from East Jerusalem.
Besides ICAPPI, EAPPI and the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre are other building blocks in this initiative.