EAPREnergy Assistance Program Rate (Sacramento, CA)
EAPREuro-Atlantischer Partnerschaftsrat (German)
EAPREuropean Association of Potato Research
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EAPR Working group "Physiological age of the potato".
In Abstracts of Conference Papers, 10th Triennial Conference EAPR, Aalborg, Denmark.
DC: Was the "EAPR" series planned from the beginning?
DC: EAPR #1 was, and its 362 future sibling works are to be, derived from pictures you found in high school yearbooks.
DC: Are you afraid that the reaction to EAPR #1 will be skewed toward the video and that the sculpture will be seen as a related decor?
Then I'm going to start doing gallery shows of shorter video pieces with smaller sets that will continue the "EAPR" series in a more easily displayable format.
Type, condition, and cleanliness of the 143 features located within the six parks were assessed using the Environmental Assessment of Public Recreation Spaces (EAPRS) tool [47].
Using EAPRS classifications, ten distinct park feature types were identified: (1) paved path, (2) rough/natural path, (3) open space (open grass field or hill, treed area, and stream), (4) play structure (i.e., combination of two or more distinct features of playground equipment), (5) fields and courts (soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball), (6) splash pad, (7) pool, (8) swing set, (9) other play features (e.g., webbed climber, slide, see saw, rock wall, and balance rockers), and (10) sitting amenities (benches, picnic tables, sheltered areas, and bleachers).
Condition and cleanliness of each of the 143 features were carefully rated as per the EAPRS protocol.
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