EAPRSEarth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory (De Montfort University; UK)
EAPRSEnvironmental Assessment of Public Recreation Spaces (park assessment)
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Using EAPRS classifications, ten distinct park feature types were identified: (1) paved path, (2) rough/natural path, (3) open space (open grass field or hill, treed area, and stream), (4) play structure (i.e., combination of two or more distinct features of playground equipment), (5) fields and courts (soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball), (6) splash pad, (7) pool, (8) swing set, (9) other play features (e.g., webbed climber, slide, see saw, rock wall, and balance rockers), and (10) sitting amenities (benches, picnic tables, sheltered areas, and bleachers).
Condition and cleanliness of each of the 143 features were carefully rated as per the EAPRS protocol.
Colabianchi, "Measuring physical environments of parks and playgrounds: EAPRS instrument development and inter-rater reliability," Journal of Physical Activity and Health, vol.