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The same expected negative and statistically significant results have been found where EAQ is mitigating the earnings management practices negatively.
(62) For the besieged environment of radio station EAQ see Arturo Barea, The Forging of a Rebel, New York: Walker & Company, 2001, pp672-681.
In the third step, the EAQ dimensions and Mood were added to the equation as independent variables.
Teniendo en cuenta lo anteriormente expuesto, el objetivo del presente estudio fue validar la version espannola del EAQ, con la finalidad de comprender que sienten y piensan los ninnos/as sobre sus emociones y las de los otros.
The results, summarized in Figure 1, show that the professors' top choices were largely refereed journals: Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ), American Educational Research Journal (AERJ), Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis (EEPA), Journal of School Leadership (JSL), and Educational Researcher (ER).
Patients completed self-report assessments including the Change Readiness Assessment (CRA), Self-Motivation Scale for Compliance (SMSC), and Exercise Adherence Questionnaire (EAQ).
First, they were to complete the Entrepreneurial Attitude Questionnaire (EAQ), a 35-item instrument described by Shaver, K.
The goals of our study were to adapt and validate the SCL in a population of Spanish children and adults from the Valencian Community, to analyse the link between SCL and emotions (MOOD and EAQ), and to observe the effect of gender and age on SCL.