EAQEuropean Academy of Quality (Poland)
EAQÉvangile au Quotidien (French: Daily Gospel)
EAQEasily Answered Question
EAQExpertly Asked Question
EAQEducational Administration Quarterly
EAQEquine Assisted Qualifications (various nations)
EAQEmotion Awareness Questionnaire (psychology)
EAQExamen d'Assurance de la Qualité (French: Review of Quality Assurance; Canada)
EAQEntreprise Artisanale Qualifiée (French building firm)
EAQErgonomes Associés du Québec (French: Ergonomists Associates of Quebec; Canada)
EAQÉcurie Automobile Quillanaise (French automotive stable; Quillan, France)
EAQExplore Action Québec (Canada)
EAQEuro Atlantic Quarterly (publication; Slovak Atlantic Commission; Banska Bystrica, Slovakia)
EAQEstonian Association for Quality (Estonia)
EAQEngineers Australia Queensland
EAQExcessively Asked Question
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62) For the besieged environment of radio station EAQ see Arturo Barea, The Forging of a Rebel, New York: Walker & Company, 2001, pp672-681.
For children, the correlations EAQ, Mood, Personality, and Somatic Complaints were negative in all cases, with the exception of Bodily Awareness, Negative Moods, and Neuroticism (Table 1).
At Step 3, with the EAQ and Mood variables added to the equation, the model explained 32% of the variance for somatic complaints.
Teniendo en cuenta lo anteriormente expuesto, el objetivo del presente estudio fue validar la version espannola del EAQ, con la finalidad de comprender que sienten y piensan los ninnos/as sobre sus emociones y las de los otros.
Fourth, taking a lesson from the professors who read the purely practitioner-oriented journals, superintendents need to take a more active role in at least sampling, if not serving as reviewers or authors for, the leading refereed publications, such as EAQ.
Participants were told that their scores on the EAQ were useful for understanding their own profile potential for success as an entrepreneur.
With regard to the correlations with the EAQ questionnaire, somatic complaints were negatively and significantly correlated (p < .
001 Table 4 Correlations between the MOOD Questionnaire and other variables MOOD dimensions Sadness Fear Anger Happiness EAQ Dif.
Se llevo a cabo un analisis de regresion, con el SCL como variable criterio, siendo introducidos en un primer paso los cuatros estados de animo, y en un segundo paso, las seis escalas del EAQ.
EAQ is a holistic effort looking at auditing from multiple facets that is expected to bring changes for the peer review process that will be designed to continue to improve audit performance.