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EARFLAPEmergency Action Reporting For Logistics Action Programming
EARFLAPEmergency Action Reporting Procedures for Logistics Activity
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Sew the hat together in this order: The back half of each earflap starting at the edge of the tie, and then the back flap.
Because when Father shouted the Word, growing pale, his face transformed, so that Mama let go of his sleeve, the man in the hat with the earflaps looked at the other man in the plain sheepskin soldier's coat, then looked at Father, after which, setting down a lacquer figurine of a dancer, he mumbled, "OK.
Him, ten years old, in that hat with earflaps Aunt Marthe had given him to go with the Christmas duffel coat from grandmama.
According to a report in National Geographic News, the animal was found wearing wooden earflaps mounted with turquoise mosaic, a collar of greenstone beads, and golden bells around its four feet.
Characteristically, he wears a red hat with upturned earflaps. He also holds a kapala in his left hand and a vajra in his right.
Block out the braying hooray Henrys with a selection of aural winter warmers piped through headphones built into the beanie's earflaps.
Magnetic earflaps can be opened for better hearing; a "hand-warmer" pocket is included on the front.
He had no outer ears or earholes and instead had tiny earflaps sticking out.
The child wears a knit hat, and the puffy tassels dangling from his earflaps sway each time he coughs.
Fur boots, fur helmets with earflaps. Mongols who might have ridden with Timur Leng.
Four have since been identified but police are desperate to find the man seen wearing a distinctive black or dark green fur-lined hunting cap, with earflaps that can be clipped over the head .
"When packing for a trip to Yukon it's a good idea to pack a boyfriend," said Norman, a local gay shopkeeper, "'cause you won't find one here." Nor is there much in the way of shopping, although I did find a store that sold a fur hat made of a coyote--an entire coyote, its ears and leathery little nose sticking out the top, the tail hanging behind, and the earflaps made from paws that still had the claws attached.