EARLINETEuropean Aerosol Research LIdar Network to Establish an Aerosol Climatology
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However, instrumental harmonization has been done since 2014 by adapting the instrumental quality assurance protocols routinely applied in EARLINET (Wandinger et al.
and Coauthors, 2010: The 16 April 2010 major volcanic ash plume over central Europe: EARLINET lidar and AERONET photometer observations at Leipzig and Munich, Germany.
and Coauthors, 2004: Aerosol lidar intercomparison in the framework of the EARLINET project.
Althausen, 2004: Multilayer aerosol observations with dual-wavelength Raman lidar in the framework of EARLINET.
At present, EARLINET counts with 3 Spanish stations being CIEMAT one of them (CIEMAT-Madrid EARLINET #21 station) (Rocadenbosch et al.
In coordination with NASA (responsible for CALIPSO operation) EARLINET started in a correlative measurements schedule for CALIPSO validation purposes.
The plots show the results of comparing measurements taken from the EARLINET #21 station (CIEMAT-Madrid) in coincidence with the passing of CALIPSO.