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EARNESTECSI Awareness Reflection Network for Electronic System Designs Standards
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For you ramble so in your discourse, that nobody knows whether you are in earnest or in jest; but as I find the girl, by your own confession, has answered truly, I wish you would do so too, and tell me seriously, so that I may depend upon it.
By my faith, madam,' says Robin, ''tis in vain to mince the matter or tell any more lies about it; I am in earnest, as much as a man is that's going to be hanged.
Shoreham pays attentions that are pointed, and is not in earnest, he is a very different person from what I took him to be.
At the beginning of this school there were about twelve strong, earnest men and women who entered the class.
She knew that he was a man of a noble nature, high-minded and earnest.
She leant back while the more earnest members of the club began to misconstrue her.
The earnest girl brought forward a scheme of "personal supervision and mutual help," the effect of which was to alter poor people until they became exactly like people who were not so poor.
Helen and Margaret walked the earnest girl as far as Battersea Bridge Station, arguing copiously all the way.
Well, I will,' returned the other, 'though you are not earnest yet.
But if you don't profit by this visit, and act accordingly, you will find me as bitterly in earnest against you as I could be if I deemed you worth a second thought on my own account.
Yes," said Erskine, trembling, "and I thought he meant in earnest in loving you.
I am in earnest in my love for you as I am in earnest for my own life, which can only be perfected by your aid and influence.