EAROEthiopian Agricultural Research Organization
EAROEastern Africa Regional Office (World Conservation Union)
EAROEast Asia Regional Office (Oxfam America)
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The EARO can be regarded as the only R&D institute initiating tangible activities in biotechnology.
In 2002, a very brief National Biotechnology Policy and Strategy document (six pages on A4 paper) was produced, reiterating the potential of biotechnology indicated in the EARO's 2000 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Strategy.
Many of EARO's biotechnology researches are confined to conventional ones.
It has been over 8 years since the formulation of the 2000 EARO Agricultural Biotechnology Research Strategy.
In fact, many researchers agree that the actual national capacity to exploit biotechnology for socioeconomic development is much greater than in many African nations (Personal communications with researchers in AHRI, EARO and EHNRI).
Ethiopia has few research (and teaching) institutes governed by the federal/state governments and their affiliations, namely, AHRI, ALIPB, EARO (and the agricultural research institutes of the regional states), EHNRI and NVRI.
In CIMMYT and EARO. Maize Technologies for the Future: Challenges and Opportunities.
In CIMMYT and EARO. Maize Production Technology for the Future: Challenges and Opportunities.
Svensson argues that this twin announcement will be more credible, since the Bank of Japan can guarantee the exchange rate depreciation by flooding the world with yen by purchasing essentially unlimited amounts of foreign exchange, such as dollars or earos. Except for the instruments involved--foreign currencies instead of domestic securities--such an operation is equivalent to a standard central bank open market operation.