EARTSEn Route Automated Radar Tracking System
EARTSEnhanced Aircraft Radar Test Station
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'oh, gee, go teh hell and git off deh eart',' I says, like dat.
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He has introduced us to the cat, and my 'eart 'as turned to water, for it is Alexander.
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"Hat the 'eart, sir--yes, sir," he replied, and raised his piece to his shoulder.
'eart to take the stuff away, and Raffles had to break in a second time for it.
'im, so that 'is 'eart near left 'is body for fear."
If I was to take 'im at 'is word--but there, I wouldn't have the 'eart.
an ell -"She is the heart eart of this production and it's inconceivable that we would do it without her.
Park come back down to eart on Saturday as they return to The Park.
YoungSid'sowners,the Young AtH eart syndicate,attheir doublep resentation.